About Primary Care Physicians at Valley Village Health Clinic

Primary Care located in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Valley Village, CA

"Calm, confident, and professional. Everything you’re looking for in a health care professional." -Shannon D.

Valley Village Health Clinic is an excellent choice for medical care in the Valley Village area and beyond. The clinic is staffed by highly skilled medical professionals who provide top-quality care in a comforting and calm environment. Dr. Kristine Vardanyan is an excellent leader, and the clinic is an essential resource for many in the community.


To achieve outstanding health, it's important to find a great primary care practitioner like Dr. Vardanyan, who has a wealth of education and experience, including an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. After earning her medical degree from Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia and completing her residency in internal medicine at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Dr. Vardanyan is now in private practice. She is dedicated to helping her patients live active, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

At Valley Village Health Clinic, routine primary care services are focused on preventive healthcare to ensure that patients maintain good health. Men's and women's health services are also available as a part of the family medicine practice, and the clinic emphasizes wellness with treatments such as IV therapy.

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