Concierge Medicine

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n today’s hectic world, finding a physician who offers unrushed service is easier said than done. At Valley Village Health Clinic, Kristine Vardanyan, MD, and her team practice under a concierge medicine structure, providing care to a limited number of patients in and around Valley Village, California. To learn more about this highly personalized style of care, call to book a visit, or schedule online in just a few clicks.

Concierge Medicine Q&A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a model of practice that seeks to make health services as convenient and accessible as possible. It’s an alternative to the assembly line feeling that comes with many large medical offices, or the lack of personalized care found in walk-in clinic settings.

At Valley Village Health Clinic, the medical staff truly gets to know each patient and has the time to sit down and discuss all concerns rather than simply booking as many brief appointments as possible within any given day.

When you work with a physician who embraces concierge medicine, visits are unrushed, and you won’t have trouble finding an appointment that fits your busy life. This is a benefit regardless of whether you’re a CEO or a working parent with little time to spare.

Practitioners who choose a concierge model of care intentionally limit the number of patients within their practice. This leaves more time to spend one-on-one with patients to help them enhance and maintain the highest levels of health.

Is concierge medicine right for me?

Many people prefer the concierge model of care because they want to build a trusting relationship with their health provider. Others lead busy lives and don’t want to wait weeks to get in to see their doctor for preventive health care needs or sick visits.

If you value a more personalized mode of health service, concierge medicine might be a great fit for you. It’s easy to schedule an initial visit to get to know the Valley Village Health Clinic staff and learn more about how concierge medicine works.

Don’t allow yourself to be treated like a number on a spreadsheet when concierge care offers an alternative.

What if I need to see a specialist?

From time to time, you might need specialized medical care. If that need should arise, your Valley Village Health Clinic practitioner can help you find the right specialist for your needs. 

Once you enter specialized care, your primary care provider remains in contact with your extended health team. This ensures your personal medical record remains properly updated and also ensures continuity of care once your specialized treatment ends.

If you have additional questions about how concierge medicine might fit your needs, book a visit online today. You can also call the office to find a time that fits your schedule.