Preventative Healthcare

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Few things can shape your life in a more meaningful way than preventive health care. Kristine Vardanyan, MD, and her team at Valley Village Health Clinic in Valley Village, California, understand the importance that prevention plays in overall health and wellness and strive to keep you and your loved ones as healthy and happy as possible. Book a visit online or call today to learn more.

Preventative Healthcare Q&A

What is preventive health care?

Preventive health care is the foundation of staying well. It’s an approach that takes a proactive stance toward not only helping you feel and function your best today but also helping reduce your risk of serious health issues in the future.

Far too many people only see a doctor once a serious health issue arises. This approach fails to take advantage of all that preventive medicine has to offer. By the time you experience symptoms, many conditions may have advanced to a serious stage, where treatment becomes more complicated.

Preventive health care also allows your practitioner to create a comprehensive medical record that clearly charts your health journey over time. This living document becomes an invaluable resource over time, making it easy to detect potentially dangerous trends and changes. 

Immunization is part of preventive medicine, and you may be surprised to learn that many adults have “holes” in their vaccination history. Feel free to share your vaccine record with your provider to see if you’re missing any essential vaccines. 

Why see a doctor if I’m not sick?

Though no one is at their best when they’re sick or injured, you shouldn’t wait for a serious health issue to occur before seeing your doctor. Routine visits allow you to establish a relationship with your doctor where you can build a trusting bond, comfortably relying on their guidance as they consider and understand your established health goals and personal preferences. 

During your regularly scheduled visits, your practitioner delivers screenings necessary for your age, sex, and overall health. They can catch signs of disease in the earliest possible stages when treatment is often most effective. 

How often should I come in for preventive health care visits?

Most people benefit from scheduling annual physicals to receive preventive medicine services. Your initial visit can be longer than subsequent appointments, as your practitioner needs to gather detailed information about your personal and family health history. 

Of course, if you experience a sudden health need or if you’re living with one or more chronic health conditions, you may need to schedule more frequent visits until your condition improves. If you’re overdue for a preventive health care work-up, schedule an appointment today. 

Valley Village Health Clinic offers convenient and simple online booking options. You can also reach the office by phone to ask about appointment availability.