Men's Health

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Many men set aside their health needs to focus on other tasks and obligations, but men’s health is a vital part of feeling and functioning your best. Working with a skilled physician like Kristine Vardanyan, MD, and the rest of her team at Valley Village Health Clinic is a great way for residents of Valley Village, California, to get the care needed to thrive. Call or click today to schedule a visit.

Men's Health Q&A

What are some common men’s health issues?

Men have a unique set of health needs. At Valley Village Health Clinic, you can rely on a caring and compassionate men’s health provider to adequately meet your needs. Fortunately, men can prevent many of the health problems that they’re at risk for.

That means you can partner with a skilled practitioner to get the necessary screenings to remain healthy and to have a trusted resource to turn to when you have questions. 

Some of the more common health problems among men include:

  • Enlarged prostate
  • Certain cancers
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Accidental injuries

These are just some of the health issues you can discuss during your men’s health visits at Valley Village Health Clinic. 

When should I schedule a men’s health visit?

Most men benefit from coming in for an annual men’s health visit. This timeline ensures you have access to the screenings appropriate for your age and overall health. 

Yearly visits also reduce the risk of a serious health condition growing significantly worse between office visits. When your practitioner catches signs of disease early, you can quickly begin treatment, increasing your chance for a successful recovery. 

If you’re thinking about starting or adding to your family, work with a men’s health provider to address infertility issues if they arise. As you move into late middle age and beyond, you may want to boost your bone health and cognitive function, as well as learn how to retain independence as you continue to age. 

If you haven’t seen a doctor for a men’s health assessment in a while, make your health a priority and book a visit. 

What role does hormonal imbalance play in men’s health?

As the years pass, both women and men experience a decline in their natural hormone production. This can lead to hormonal imbalance and a wide range of symptoms. If you begin to notice changes in how you feel or function, lab testing can reveal whether you are experiencing hormonal imbalance. 

Some of the signs of declining hormone production in men include:

  • Lack of sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of body hair
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Brain fog
  • Weight gain

Hormone replacement therapy can help restore optimal balance and reduce your experience with these and other symptoms. Call the office today to get started, or visit the online scheduling page.